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The 6 most important predictors of gout

Checking or checklist concept

Gout is a painful and debilitating arthritic condition that can require lifelong treatment, either through medication or substantial lifestyle modifications. It has been estimated to affect nearly four percent of the general population in North America. Many of us know someone who has gout. It is often referred to as “The King’s Evil,” which may […]

3 early gout symptoms that could signal a new gout attack is coming

gout symptoms

Symptoms of a gout attack may start well before you wake up with a searing toe or joint pain.  In this article we will explore three gout symptoms that may indicate a full gout attack is coming.   Gout symptoms before, during, and after a gout attack can vary Many people think that a gout attack […]

5 foods to avoid with gout DURING an acute gout attack

Foods to avoid with gout

Anyone that has ever had a gout attack has undoubtedly searched feverishly for ideas to relieve the acute pain of the gout attack as quickly as possible. Within these sources, you will always find a recommendation to “watch what you eat” and avoid foods high in purines such as organ meats, shellfish, and beer. When […]